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FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT Centers in malls & other place  
A Family Entertainment Center (FEC) includes a total entertainment system comprising the following:- 1. Teenager Area which Comprises of Video/ Redemption/ Arcade games, Billiards, Pool-tables, Air Hockey, Foose ball etc. 2. Kiddie Area Comprises of Kiddie Rides, Soft Play Centre, Birthday Party Room, etc. 3. Adult Area Comprises of a Bowling Alley, A restaurant or a café for the whole family, Bumper Cars, Archery, Bull Ride etc.

A Medium size FEC should be approx. 5000 sft & should have 4 Bowling Lanes, Video, Arcade, Redemption Games, Kiddie Rides, Soft Play, Archery, Table Games & Bar Cum Cafe.       

A bowling alley with 4 Lanes requires about 100 ft. length, 24 ft width and 10 ft height. A typical bowling lane package consists of new synthetic lanes, foundations, state-of-the-art automatic scoring systems, operation and cash control computer, seating arrangements and electronically controlled automatic pinsetters.
Typically a Four-lane bowling centre requires a minimum of 5,000 sft, inclusive of Alleys, snack bar, Pool Tables  seating arrangements and so on. Taking the installation and alley costs into account, four lanes cost roughly Rs. 80 Lacs for New Lanes & Rs. 40 Lacs for Refurbished Lanes. Cost of Interiors, Air-Conditioning, Bowling Lanes 4 & other items described above will cost approx. Rs. 80 Lacs to Rs. 1 Crore. Buying used lanes from the market which look old and may not have all the spare parts is not recommended even though it may be available for around  Rs 5 Lacs a lane .
Taking a lineage of 60 (lineage is number of games per lane per day) at Rs 100 a game, a four-lane centre would generate Rs. 75 Lacs per year. However if we take only 50% occupancy even then Rs. 37 Lacs is generated. In addition to this another 25 Lacs can be generated from the other games & cafe. ROI in most cases is found to be max . One Year.
Ten-Pin Bowling: Basics  
Area Requirement:-  One Lane needs approx. 106’ x 6’ for each lane for Brunswick & AMF Lanes. IMPLY Brazil Bowling Lanes come in 3 lengths. The Official Bowling needs 96’ x 6’, Bowling Cafe which is designed for restaurants, Cafes, Clubs etc where 100’ length is not possible comes in 2 lengths 66’ & 56’ width remaining the same.
How To Play:-   Ten-pin bowling can be played by persons of any age group. The game basically involves knocking down the ten pins placed at a distance of 60 ft from the foul line by rolling a six to sixteen pound urethane ball down the bowling alley.
The bowler picks up the ball from the return rack, walks a few paces away from the foul line and gathers momentum before rolling the ball so as to knock down the maximum number of pins. The bowler scores according to the number of pins knocked down. A Bowler gets typically around 20 Throws per game but can be less or more depending on the expertise of the Player.
Ten - Pin Bowling in Your Multiplex / Mall / Shopping Centre / Bowling AllEY  
Multiplex with a Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) as an anchor is the hottest concept as far as the leisure sector is concerned. Such centres are single point centres that offer the consumers a range of services at a single location and in an attractive, comfortable and secure environment with adequate parking provision.
In multiplexes, Bowling would serve as a major feature for the reason that cinema going in India is mainly a group activity and so is Bowling.
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